We have listened closely to our customers and partners feedback and launched a new weather proof hood for our Pure Wood Pellets.

Rainproof and UV resistant all weather hoods for your wood pelletsRainproof and UV resistant all weather hoods for your wood pellets
Many of your said you were likely to order more, and stock up for the months when the UK traditionally experiences a shortages and price hikes if you had the additional storage space. We took this feedback and devised a way you can now store your additional stock outside, yet keeping it away from the sun, rain and snow.

The hood is made from recyclable plastic which is treated to be UV resistant for the summer and waterproof for our wet and cold winters. The product is also nice and thick and able to be re-used over subsequent pallets over its lifetime.


These hoods have been distributed to our stockists so if you are looking to get some bulk orders in, then you can now safely store them outside over the busy December and January periods.