Today we are very pleased to be releasing our newest bag and updated product line to our customers and partners in the United Kingdom called ENPOWER wood pellets. These pellets are the cornerstone of our offering and align our pellets with our core company values of reliability, quality and value.

The ENPOWER brand is succeeding the Pure Biofuel blue bags and will retain a similar design, the see-through flame which has been on each iteration of our designs is now larger in order to easily inspect the quality of the pellet inside, while the ENplus A1 Certificate UK 341 has moved to the top left-hand corner and make much more prominent.

ENPOWER wood pellets come with our quality guarantee, that each bag meets or exceeds A1 quality standards set-out by the UK Pellet Council and the European Council. The product has already been BSL Certified so if you are a member of the RHI then you are able to switch over immediately without any interruption in service.

Boris Borisenko, Managing Director of Pure Biofuel was on site during the first production and loading to our customers and commented “in what has been a tough year for everyone, we made the decision to standby our customers and our pledge to improve quality and value for money. Now is not the time to be cutting-corners but to accelerate our efforts to be the highest quality, yet best value for money 15kg wood pellet product on the market.”


The product certainly ticks all the boxes for the demanding biomass boiler and is now live on the website, and able to be ordered in FCL through our team and will aim to ‘meet or beat’ any wholesale offers as the product is rolled out throughout the country.

NB: while the rebranding takes place there may be some transition period where ENPOWER is ordered and Pure Biofuel blue bags are delivered, this is strictly just as the stock levels flow through and will naturally switch over soon.