This week brings us wind, snow and storms expected to hit the UK and reminds us we are well and truly at the start of the Winter. For many of our customers it’s the first time they start checking their stock levels of wood pellets, and think about stocking up for the colder months that lay ahead.

It is also traditionally a time when price increases nationally for wood pellets due to a variety of factors. While we won’t see the unbelievable price swings that has been experienced in the gas market there have been quite a few reasons why you will see the price increase more than in the previous few years.

To begin with, we want to thank you for being a loyal and consistent customer over the years. We are committed to offering our customers the best quality products at the best prices and most customers have come to know and expect the market prices do rise during the winter months.

This year we are seeing quite a few issues simultaneously all affecting the price which will unfortunately have to be passed onto our end price. These include a logistics, which worldwide has been under substantial pressure but as we approach Christmas the availability of has come under considerable pressure. In previous years we have not had any expectation from our logistics providers other than to increase quantity while this year securing volume has been exceptionally difficult. Equipment allocation, lack of circulation, fully booked vessels, are causing major issues. While at our regional hubs and international ports, customs inspections and delays have cause immense bottlenecks in the system meaning even further delays to already delayed goods. In some areas we have experience between a 50% and 100% increase in the underlying cost of services.

Please know that we still fight for each and every space for our customers, and are working 100% committed to getting your goods ready and delivered on-time for you.

Pallet Network Delivery

With the current national situation still dragging certain depots are having issues with on time deliveries and the shortage of HGV drivers, we would advise our customers to plan and order in time! This is the best way you can make sure your deliveries arrive in time to keep you warm this winter.

Plus Pellets Gmbh greatly appreciates your continued business and support through this time of growth and change. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this winter supply and delivery please do not hesitate to reach out, our team is more than happy to discuss this situation with you.