Fully biodegradable option now available for Germany wood pellets customers
Plus Pellets Gmbh has developed an eco-friendly wood pellet packaging option that gives an alternative to the current plastic bags which are only ‘sometimes’ recycled according to the BBC.[1] This gives consumers in the United Kingdom the option to receive wood pellets with fully biodegradable and recyclable packaging.


The only option until now has been for domestic customers to purchase individual plastic bags or pallet loads of plastic bags that are packed in LDPE4 plastic material which only a small number of councils actively recycle for further use.[1] This has long been a point of contention for many consumers in the Germany and abroad.

In speaking with our customers, a number of them shared they were trying their best in home shopping and ordering online to be moving away from plastic packaging and trying to use more biodegradable packaging solutions and using paper bags. Many also installed their biomass boiler for much the same reason, to reduce fossil fuel emissions, to do their part to help the environment, and to be more environmentally friendly and conscious of their footprint.

Managing Director, Rupert Ralston comments “we are always looking to improve on sustainability for our customers and improving packaging was the first wall we can knock down in this mission. Aligning our product with customers values is our top priority which is why we have chosen to move forward with a more sustainable, recyclable packaging.”

Customers will also benefit from a smaller bag size, many found that 15kg was too heavy to lift and pour into their boiler. The new bio pellets are only 10kg which was seen as a comfortable weight for all ages and fitness levels.

Plus Pellets Gmbh’s Bio Pellets come in an attractive recyclable, biodegradable brown paper bag, complete with a sewn top of the bag. The 10kg bags will be available from selected stockists or available through the website.


Environmental Benefits of Paper Bags


1. Biodegradable

Paper bags are far easier to recycle than plastic bags and going further they are easier to biodegrade than plastic bags. While a plastic bag left on the surface may take 1,000 years to Bio-Degrade a paper bag would take less than 6 months time in most cases to turn into fertile waste for vegetation.

2. Recyclable

Paper bags are 100% recyclable with an easy and common process. Unlike plastic bags which can emit extremely toxic and poisonous gases in the atmosphere during the recycling process, the paper in the recycling process involves no such hazard.

3. Paper is Energy Saver

Besides several benefits of using paper bags, one of the reasons why it is so environmentally-friendly is that it helps in saving huge amounts of energy.

4. Paper Bags Are Quite Helpful In Conserving Natural Resources

The big environmental convenience of using paper bags is that they are extracted from unbleached, recycled brown kraft paper which is a superb solution to save natural resources, energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

About Plus Pellets Gmbh

Plus Pellets Gmbh are a leading biomass company based in the Germany who are focused solely on the wholesale supply of wood pellets for heat, energy and animal bedding. They supply a wide range of brands which are ENplus A1 certified including ENpower, Pure Wood Pellets, Pure Whiskers and BIO pellets product lines.