On Friday 21st February 2020, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) restricted the use of coal and inefficient wet wood from domestic household fireplaces. Coal and wet wood burning stoves were classified as the largest source of particulate matter (PM) which is considered by the World Health Organisation as the most harmful pollutant to human health. The Government plans to phase out the use of coal and wet wood completely by 2023 and transition into cleaner fuels that are less expensive and more efficient supplies of heat and energy.

For many, the new restrictions may seem to be a tricky obstacle to overcome as we plan to prepare for a harsh winter with the uncertainty of a second wave and yet another lockdown. Many UK based coal and wet wood suppliers will suffer greatly. However, there is ample time for households and suppliers to transition to cleaner fuels, yet it is necessary to act now so that we can hit the ground running when the ban is fully in place by 2023.

We believe our Biomass Wood Pellets, Briquettes and Kiln Dried Logs can help ease the transition for coal and local firewood suppliers having to diversify their product range, moving from coal and wet wood to more sustainable, cleaner fuels. We also deliver some of our range directly to customers that purchase our fuels in bulk for personal use.

Plus Pellets Gmbh is on the BSL register as a supplier to the Renewable Heat Incentive, and we also have a selection of 2021 compliant clean fuels. With an established team and logistics delivering right throughout the United Kingdom we are in the best position to provide fuel for heat and energy this winter, and we have done so since 2015. We also pride ourselves on the premium quality of our products. The calorific value, minimal moisture percentage and incomparably low ash content is what gives us our reputation as one of the best in the (wood pellet) business.

The ban on coal in the UK is not the end of cosy winter nights, nor is it the end of the world, it’s the revival of the world; and biomass and other biofuels are the foundation to a sustainable future in heat and energy.